Sustainability, transport efficiency, and fuel consumption were the decisive factors in the decision to expand our vehicle fleet.

With Scania SUPER, we have the right product to contribute to reducing fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.

As an ISO 14001 certified company (environmental management), we constantly work on improving and optimizing our fleet to meet the latest and highest quality standards.

With the first 15 new Scania SUPER trucks, which were awarded as „Green Trucks” in 2022, we are making a statement in our project “TPL goes Green” to comply with the most modern and current Euro standards and to convince with sustainability.

The expansion of „TPL goes Green” is led by the addition of the Scania SUPER trucks to our fleet. With approximately 8% fuel savings and a reduction in CO₂ emissions, we are taking a big and important step. On a distance of 1000 kilometers, fuel consumption is reduced by around 20-25 liters. Calculated based on the monthly mileage of all 15 Scania Super trucks, we achieve a fuel reduction of up to 4000 liters per month.

We are proud to have received the first Scania SUPER trucks in March 2023 and look forward to many more, enabling us to be even more sustainable and efficient in transport.

Due to the currently fluctuating energy costs, this solution and optimization are the best and most efficient for international long-haul transportation. The environment and CO₂ reduction are important factors in our company, which is why we continue to work on further optimizations and solutions.

Our next step is the commissioning of electric trucks.

We look forward to the new projects and their implementation!

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